Creating Safe and Healthy Workplaces

Get on the Healthcare Bandwagon

Healthcare today is a lot more than just providing employees with an insurance card. Today healthcare has become the number one issue in the workplace causing companies to rethink how they want to deliver this benefit to their employees.

This seminar provides employees with information on how to become better healthcare consumers. Topics include:

  • Can you shop for healthcare services? Why not, you shop for everything else!
  • Who do you trust for your healthcare information? And how can you be sure it is reliable?
  • Forms, forms, forms. What do they mean and what do I do with them?
  • Why is my getting healthy the key to reducing my healthcare costs?

Partner Violence: Creating a Safe Workplace

  • There is a business case for creating a workplace that is free of violence and the fear of violence.
  • Nationally, one in five employees are victims of domestic violence
  • Domestic Violence costs employers over $5 billion dollars in lost wages, productivity and healthcare costs

These workshops for employees, managers and HR specialists provide an understanding of how to address this epidemic by improving workplace safety for all employees.