Coaching For Bosses

Many managers are not comfortable in the coaching role with employees. Two common errors are:

  1. Expecting employees to just follow directives without wondering how those directives meet the organizational goals or
  2. Taking a hands off approach thinking that employees should know what to do without receiving proper guidance from their supervisor

This coaching seminar is for such managers. Managers will:

  • Identify their particular leadership style
  • Understand what coaching is about and how it improves employee relationships
  • Appreciate the relationship between coaching and performance evaluation
  • Practice coaching scenarios and receive practical feedback

Outcomes and results from the Coaching for Managers session include:

  • Learning why coaching is a 21st century way of leadership
  • Understanding the importance of using the proper language to motivate and encourage your team
  • Using coaching to provide staff with the tools they need to accomplish organizational goals.
  • How to build a coaching plan that works for all your staff members.