Stress Resilience

Resilience is the human capacity to face, overcome, and be strengthened by experiences of adversity.

Our workshop teaches employees how to strengthen their resilience capabilities so that they are better able to respond to the pressures of the workplace in an effective and efficient manner.

They will learn that resilient people:

  • Turn adversities into opportunities and re-frame difficulties as challenges to overcome, rather than pressures that overwhelm.
  • Have the capacity to enhance their inherent resilience by learning new ways to face the inevitable adversities of life and to become even stronger from them.
  • Improve their capacity to deal with challenging situations such as shortened time frames, unanticipated complications and situations of crisis.
  • Are healthier as a result of being resilient.
Stress is the most often cited reason for leaving a job. According to a Watson Wyatt study, 48% percent of organizations say that job-related stress — created by long hours and doing more with less — affect business performance. But only 5% of organizations are taking action to address this situation.