The Art and Science of Strategy Planning

Does your strategy include all the information you need? You’ve been through it dozens of times. Strategic Planning processes that walk you through SWOT analyses, vision statements, environmental scanning and strategy formulation! All leading to the hoped for outcome of a plan that somebody (please somebody) will implement the plan Most probably you’ve wondered why your strategic initiatives have not led to the kinds of success you’d hoped for. The reason is simple— Your Strategic Plan is based more in Art and Less in Science.
When we do strategic planning we hear things like

  • “We’ve got to guess about what our projected budget might be”
  • “We’re not really sure what our competitors are doing?”
  • “Do we think we have the resources to pull off that kind of initiative?”

We change the thinking around strategic planning by bringing the science of strategic planning along with the art of strategic planning by focusing on Data Driven Strategic Planning.