Organizational Effectiveness

Helping Your Organization make better decisions, face difficult challenges more opening and deliver change more effectively “Our organization is so dysfunctional” I hear those words so often that my response is automatic… “Every organization has its challenges and I’ve rarely (if ever) seen an organization that is totally healthy”. “You get sick sometimes…so does your company” Creating an effective organization means diving in and finding out what is not working and making it better.

Change Management

Going through significant transitions related to budget cuts, succession plans acquisitions:

  • Define, plan and execute these changes from both a systems and people perspective.
  • Support people through real live tools that they can use to improve their performance and experience success

Climate and Cultural Development

  • Cultural assessments that help people understand how things get done (or don’t get done) in your company.
  • Identify the ground rules that everyone lives by
  • Assess work styles that leaders translate to employees
  • Improve the culture so people feel more engaged and committed.
  • We use OrgSCANTM to help identify, educate and plan the right changes to strengthen your organizational culture

Organizational Structure/Work Flow and Design

  • Review and refine critical work processes
  • Improve organizational operations through organizational redesign.
  • Quality Improvement

Team Building

  • Strengthen interdepartmental communication and operations
  • Decrease siloing in your organization
  • Get people to be play nicely together and get work done efficiently.


  • Help your organization design workshops and programs that improve your effectiveness
  • Use Compression Planning™ technology that provides rapid and effective facilitation services.