Organizational Consultation

Consultation For Non-Profits

Non-profits face unique challenges and you need a partner to help you build a 21st century non-profit organization. Richard has been working with non-profit organizations for over 25 years and brings a compassionate and business mentality to his consultation services to community organizations learn more

Facilitation That Moves Your Organization Forward

As a leader, you know that you cannot do it by yourself and that you must move your team to action to accomplish the goals of your organization… learn more

The Art and Science of Strategy Planning

Most probably you’ve wondered why your strategic initiatives have not led to the kinds of success you’d hoped for. The reason is simple— Your Strategic Plan is based more in Art and Less in Science. learn more

Organizational Effectiveness

“You get sick sometimes…so does your company” Creating an effective organization means diving in and finding out what is not working and making it better. learn more

Building a Conflict Competent Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. learn more