Say a Prayer

When we like to talk about skills associated with building resilience—creating the right mindset, building body wisdom, connecting with community, for many of us creating hope is often a default to dealing with our sometimes unbelievable challenges and adversities.

This past Sunday, I attended a prayer vigil at Freedom Corner up in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Led by local ministers, community and elected leaders, and law enforcement officers, the speakers talked about the need to find a path to the cessation of the shootings we’ve seen over these past few weeks. “Black on black, blue on black, black on blue—it’s praying time,” said Reverend Glenn Grayson.

Seeking a way to help everyone, the minister first invited children to join him in reaching out and connecting with the four Pittsburgh police officers in attendance. Soon, most everyone moved in to the tightening circle resting our hands on each other’s shoulders in a show of support for the police and hope for the community.

I have a little card I usually include in copies of The Resilience Advantage that reads “Find Your Resilience Inside,” which is intended to suggest that my book will have some good ideas for you but that ultimately your resilience will come from the deepest part of yourself. Prayer followed by action are great places to start.

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