Reentry Happiness

I received a great deal of feedback last week regarding Reentry Stress and how challenging it will be for many people, as we start to venture back to work, restaurants and entertainment venues. 

Many of the comments were from folks concerned about their reentry and whether or not they would feel comfortable even with a vaccine. I understood their concerns, as I had some doubts after my vaccinations but this past weekend, we decided it was the right time to undertake some or our favorite pastimes and I would test out whether I was stressed or pumped! 

Friday night we headed out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The staff didn’t recognize us at first as we’ve changed some of our appearance, but they recognized our voices, and we were soon laughing and catching up on pandemic stories. After dinner, we walked around the neighborhood and ran into a friend having dinner, al fresco, with a small group of his friends. I interrupted (perhaps inappropriately) to chat for a few minutes before we agreed to meet in person to catch up. 

The next day at the gardening center, we ran into one of our favorite people and after acknowledging we all had been vaccinated, shared a big group hug. 

Reentry Stress…Not. Reentry Happiness…Yes

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