Physical Distancing not Social Distancing

Covid-19 is all the rage and we’re all pretty much holed up at home doing what we can to get work done and minimize contact with potential sources. They just announced the first 2 cases in Pittsburgh (on the weekend) and now that testing is ramping up, we’ll soon have a better idea of the true number.

One of the key messages that we’ve heard from the CDC is that we have to increase social distancing so that we don’t spread the disease between and among ourselves. My very wise friend and teacher, Cynthia Winton-Henry has shared, however, that it is actually “physical distancing” that we must pay attention to and not “social distancing.”

In fact, we actually need to decrease social distancing since we are already in the mode of isolating ourselves for disease prevention and that isolation can actually impact our immune systems making us potentially more vulnerable to the disease. Additionally, many people need contact with others to help spark their creativity and focus and to get support when feeling challenged.

Here are 3 things to do to decrease social distancing and increase social connecting:

  • Client Outreach: Connect with clients by phone and email alerting them to the actions you are taking and how you can help them in their business Reach out to key clients to let them know you and your firm are thinking about them.
  • Protect Your Employees: Communicate frequently and with the right messages which may include updates on business impact, information on healthy actions. If your employees are working remotely, connect with them 1-1 to see how they are doing. Remote work is challenging and for those who do not do it regularly, it takes time to develop a rhythm.
  • Check in with your Friends: Run through your contact list and reach out to some friends and family and that you’ve not talked to in a while and share war stories about how you are handling the crisis.

We need more social connections today. Make sure you make some today!

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