Our Moment of Zen

I’m showing some early signs of Daily Show withdrawal symptoms now that Jon Stewart has left the building.

I see Jon Stewart as a philosophical observer of cultural events rather than just reflecting on the daily news of our political world and so I was not surprised by several of his closing ideas that he shared with us because I think they tie in perfectly with helping us maintain our resilience.

  • Making peace with near perfection: Jon recognized that he will probably never have sweeter arrangement than he had at The Daily Show. A great team, great management support and an enthusiastic customer base are rare… Most of our work situations are far from perfect so if you have that kind of environment, be grateful. Stewart mentioned that the team gives it all every day. Another tip for finding fulfillment that helps us deal with the daily grind.
  • See the BS that is all around: We easily get distressed by the way the world is not working and how others try to cover it up or make it seem like its not there. He pointed out that we all are actually pretty good and detecting it and when we do, we should say something about it. You don’t have to have the reality of stressful situations be ignored.
  • It’s a conversation and it will continue: Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Just because something didn’t work out or it ended doesn’t mean it’s actually over. It just means it is taking a break for now. The sun will come up again.

I’ll be keeping that last episode on my DVR for a while just in case you want to come over and take another look at one of our modern day philosophers. Humor is one of our key prescriptions for resilience.

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