Issue No. 61 | September 23, 2015

The Dolphin Effect

When we lived in Texas, we would visit the Gulf coast and enjoy Padre Island. On our annual sojourn to watch the whooping cranes, leaping dolphins that would mesmerize me by their ease and grace always accompanied our tour boat. I found myself an appreciative witness to their beauty.

Last week I took an Interplay class with one of my teachers, Cynthia Winton Henry. She talked about appreciative witnessing as a way of separating ourselves from the criticality we go through every day. Instead of judging why the check out person at the grocery is so slow or why our boss didn't smile when she said good morning, Cynthia suggests that in the same way we enjoy the easiness of watching the dolphins, we can simply observe what is happening without having to decide whether it is good or bad. In this rather elegant way of enjoying the world we are able to see all its beauty and not have to beat ourselves down by finding the negative in everything that exists.

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