Issue No. 189 | March 28, 2018

Wellness and Resilience

I'm attending the 28th annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference in San Diego where I will be speaking on the Resilience Advantage.

Conference participants are leaders in the area of health promotion. They come from business, health systems, insurance companies, and academic settings. Their commonality is a deep belief in helping people to create healthy workplaces and personal lifestyles.

In my presentation, people will want me to tell them how to develop resilience in their lives but instead I'll be sharing with them the importance of understanding and recognizing the resilience they already have built into them.

Resilience is always framed against stress and that orientation creates the immediate victim mentality of "I'm so stressed." I hope to impart to them that what actually happens which is that we handle our challenges and adversities amazingly well.

My goal this week will be to influence the thinking of as many of these thought leaders as I can so that they bring resilience back to their workplaces as an alternative strategy for addressing the epidemic levels of stress in our work sites.

I invite you to take some time this week to consider how well you've handled some recent difficulties. Pass them along on the blog or drop me a note. Would love to share some of your stories.

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