Issue No. 33 | March 11, 2015

Towards a Work Resilient Workforce

Imagine a workforce where the managers and employees do not behave in a parent-child type of manner but instead act like grown ups recognizing that each has their job to do and respecting the honor and integrity of each. Sounds far fetched perhaps but it does happen in a resilient workplace.

As we discussed last week employees and employers are looking for ways to make the war for talent work for each party so that they become the "employer and employee of choice".

For employers the challenge is to change the conversation away from managing employees to growing employees. How do employers develop their colleagues so they are able to take on new challenges, assume new roles and become tomorrow's leaders?

Here are three ideas to build a resilient workforce

  • Begin investing in professional development early. Identify whether your staff have the potential for growth and present them with opportunities and challenges and see how they do with these challenges. If they take them on, then you may have a budding star.
  • Emphasize and live your values. If you espouse a commitment to your community, support your employees to help make that contribution. If you value environmental stewardship, model that behavior so your colleagues can learn how to do that and determine if it is a match for their values.
  • A thirst for learning is the key. Only about 1/3 of your hires will be great with another 50% being okay and 20% being bad. Look for the ones who are excited about learning. If you see that employees are not interested in growing and their performance is blah or worst, let them go through a "no fault exit". Provide support so they can find a better match and everyone will be happier.

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