Issue No. 305 | June 17, 2020

The Corona Class: Definitely the Cool Kids

We were driving around last Sunday when we saw a police car with sirens blaring and lights flashing but they were driving really slow down the road. Pretty soon it became apparent about what they were doing.

They were leading a parade!

Our local HS was celebrating the graduating class of 2020 and their police escort was leading them through our township to the cheers of parents and classmates and the admiration of their neighbors.

These young people are indeed special. They were born the same year as 9/11, started going to school during the financial meltdown of 2008 , became the unfortunate face of school shootings and now they are graduating from HS during the Great Pandemic of 2020 and at a time when our nation is facing up to and beginning to act on systemic racism.

Sure, they are missing out on prom and having the chance to exchange year books with friends and walking across the stage to receive their well-deserved diploma, but the experiences they are garnering will help them meet future adversity with a good amount of confidence and aplomb.

I’ve seen how they are transforming this challenging situation in their posts in our Facebook Community page offering to volunteer on community projects.  A couple of my neighbor kids were hanging on ladders doing some home repair work with their mom and one parent told me how her son was really proud of how his classmates were able to complete an at-home school production of their HS play through Zoom.

I know that some people are worried about the future of the country, but I am so reassured by the resilience and energy of these guys.  Make sure you connect with one of these young women or men and just let them tell you a bit about the last few months and how they’ve risen to the challenge. You’ll be totally impressed.


© Richard Citrin 2020


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