Issue No. 50 | July 8, 2015

Do You Unplug?

You are headed out on vacation soon and as you pack up your office work, your "tween" daughter comes over to you and says, "mommy, you are not going to take all that work with you to the beach, are you?"

An immediate feeling of sadness and pride pour over you. You feel bad that your daughter has called you out for not taking the full vacation free of work that you know you deserve while you are proud of her for being so smart to know that a vacation is suppose to be a vacation.

"Afraid so," you tell her as her comment reminds you about something else you have to take along.

About 60% of all vacationers take work with them on holiday according to researchers. We will check email, take phone calls and even attend meetings virtually. No doubt the work effort creates a bit of comfort in not forcing a total switch in lifestyle and the challenges associated with change. And of course, it makes it a bit easier to get back into the flow of work once we return.

What is your preferred mode of vacationing? Have you ever completely unplugged and how were the withdrawal symptoms. If you stayed plugged in, did you feel like you had a holiday.

Post a comment so we can collect some info on how we holiday.

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