Issue No. 25 | January 14, 2015

Building Resilience in 2015

Building Business Resilience

Change is in the air in the workplace and we're all coming to terms with the idea that we have to become more efficient and effective in how we do our work. There is simply not enough time to get everything done and the result is that we wind up feeling exhausted and worn down—not a good resilience strategy. Here are some strategies that I think will be de rigeur for 2015

  • Forget the standard 60-minute meeting: Determine ahead of time how long your meeting needs to be and schedule it for just that amount of time.
  • Change your communication patterns: The Coca-Cola corporation recently banned voice mails since they often lead to unproductive "telephone tag". Face to face communication or texting will become the communication of choice this year.
  • Go towards challenges: We learn and grow from challenges. Don't think I want to do as little as possible. Instead work to fill up your dance cards with interesting projects and then ask to have the old mundane taken off your plate.
  • Build In Gap Time: Build in transition times between meetings. Catching up on your rest can be done in short spurts. Excuse yourself before the next meeting and head over to the "rest room". Why do you think it is called that?
  • Your best friend: Develop a best friend relationship at work. Its not about commiserating but about having a colleague who you can rely on for ideas and support.

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