Issue No. 76 | January 13, 2016

Leave the Wall

In visiting with some family members this weekend they were telling me about the swimming classes their daughter took as a child. It seemed that she was a good young swimmer but lacked confidence in letting go of the wall to swim out into the pool.

Her mom and swim instructor eventually recognized that she really did know how to swim but she was still afraid to let go of the wall. They gave her an important message — "You will have to let go of the wall." She did, and this became a mantra for other things her life that she still uses as a successful college student.

In a few weeks my new book, The Resilience Advantage will be out and available for purchase. This feels like a "leaving the wall" moment as I promote my resilience model through this book release. I've gotten some great early reviews on the book. Here is one of them.

"The Resilience Advantage is packed with practical techniques for turning life's unavoidable stresses into power packs that propel you forward in the areas you care most deeply about. Whether it's rebuilding a relationship, achieving a significant career goal or upping your performance to play your best, this book has tactics and strategies that will help you get better results in every area of life."

Seth Kahan,
Author of Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right

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