Issue No. 3 | August 6, 2014

Don't Be A "Techno-Stress" Victim

Have you gotten to the point where your technology is controlling you rather than the other way around? Do you experience any of these signs of "techno-stress"?

  • You have an unstoppable urge to check messages even if you just checked them?
  • You walk by your recharging cell phone at night and "stop off" to check to if someone has sent you a message?
  • You have an audio ping go off every time an email comes in and you find yourself jumping onto "Outlook" to see what the email is about?

Regaining control of your technology is no easy feat and the best way to proceed is incrementally. Try out a few of these ideas to see if they help you breathe a little easier around your technology.

  • If you are constantly checking email, try closing your email program for an hour without checking it. If you're worried about emergencies add an auto-responder that you are available by phone.
  • Turn off your smartphone when you get home and just check it one time before going to bed.
  • Don't try to do more with your software than your skill level. If you don't know how to animate your PowerPoint presentation before that big meeting, just go with the basic format or ask someone for help.
  • Enjoy your social media time and remember that it is a great way to connect and stay connected to friends and family but it is not your raison d'être.
  • Don't confuse data with information. You are ultimately the one source who must translate the utility of your technology into creating more efficiency for yourself.
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