Issue No. 5 | August 20, 2014

Resilience in Real Time

Navigating successfully and gracefully through a stressful event is a key to being resilient. When stress hits, it can definitely throw us off balance.

Here are 5 ideas for being resilient when you are in the stress-storm:

  1. You can't stop your body's stress reaction: The stress reaction is a biological imperative. If you're breathing fast and shallowly, feel nervous and your heart is racing, you are stressed.
  2. Start catching up by catching your breath: You can gain control of your body by focusing on breathing. Silently count to 5 taking about 10 seconds on each count to breathe in and out. You can do this in any environment, even in that big business meeting.
  3. Be mindful of what is happening: Mindfulness is the ability to be aware of what is happening around you while things are going on around you. We often naturally experience mindfulness when we watch and appreciate the pleasure we see when our children playing joyfully.
  4. Consider your options: In stress situations, our typical reaction is to run or fight. But as thinking people, we can come up with many more choices for any situation. Consider all the choices there are between running away from the situation and fighting the situation.
  5. Recharge your battery: After the crisis is over, let a change of scenery help you down shift into a calmer state. Go for a walk or take a look at some pictures of your kids.

Stress is unavoidable, Being resilient to it is entirely up to us.

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