Issue No. 4 | August 13, 2014

Resilience isn't just personal. It's also organizational. Every day I see and hear from my clients about how tough it is in the workplace. Pressures abound and more and more leaders and their organizations are building resilience ideas into the management and team building strategies.

Here are five ideas for helping each other be resilient:

  1. Seek first to understand: Stephen Covey's key idea sets the stage for making sure we can help each other succeed at work by being good listeners and paying attention to information beyond the facts.
  2. Create a safe environment—To get the best performance from your team, make sure they are a team first. Demonstrate trust, respect and integrity towards each person.
  3. Respect change challenges—People come together at work to get things done and that means that change must happen. Change is stressful. Support these transitions by hearing everyone's ideas and working with each person's strengths.
  4. Help employees deal with adversity—Failure is inevitable and perhaps even desirable in some situations. Help your colleagues understand what happened, what everyone learned from it and how they can change it in the future. One of my clients runs a "lesson learned" meeting to debrief production issues at their factory.
  5. Create engagement—Autonomy, mastery and purpose will help your employees connect with and enjoy their work. We all handle workplace pressures better when we feel ownership of what we are doing.
  6. Have a good rest of your week!

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