Leadership Endurance

I was scheduled to meet with the CEO of a billion dollar company last month when he sent me an email explaining that he had to cancel our meeting. He was overwhelmed with budget and operational issues and was not in a place where he could talk about his own leadership style.

I suggested to him that he not worry about our meeting right now and that his emphasis was absolutely on the mark. After all, making sure that 2019 budgets were completed should be his highest priority.

He appreciated my understanding and I know he was pleased that I affirmed the correctness of his decision.

When we do get together, I want to share with him some of the research on how high performing leaders bring their best to their role and I suspect he is already doing many of these tasks effectively. Just because he is doing them well, however, doesn’t mean he can’t do them better.

  1. They know how they want to spend their time: They are laser focused on their most important strategic priorities.
  2. They are efficient with their time: Leaders have a lot to learn and understand and time is a precious commodity. I had a boss once who asked me to drive her to several meetings, during a morning, so we could discuss our planning strategy while on the road.
  3. They manage resources: High performing leaders know what their team does best, from their assistant to their COO, and delegates accordingly.
  4. Build their resilience: They know what rejuvenates them and what drains them and they do more of the former and less of the latter.

Your task this week: Consider your efficiency and effectiveness in getting things done. Try not to be too critical of your efforts. Like my CEO colleague, you are probably doing better than you thought.

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