May I Have this Dance?

A story in this Sunday’s New York Times was about the CEO of Kinetic Concepts, a biotech company that specializes in wound care. The story about Catherine Burzik tells of how she exceeded her college dreams of becoming a teacher to become a key member of the Kodak corporation before discovering her calling to use technology in health care which led to a new career with J&J before moving onto her current company.

But what I loved about her story is that she and her husband Frank are ball room dancers and use dancing as a metaphor for how important it is for a leader to be connected to your staff, colleagues and customers. She describes how she has to be attuned and  responsive to leads given to her by Frank when they are dancing and that ability to “read his mind” has given her a distinct advantage as a leader.

Tying together the things we do for fun with the things we do for work is a wonderful way to not only bring together all the aspects of her life but to break down the artificial barrier between our work and life. Think about the things you enjoy—playing with your kids—working on a hobby like model airplanes of civil war reenactment–playing sports–reading. What are the aspects of these activities that are fun, easy and rewarding for you and how can you bring them to help improve your work and workplace?

Let me know what you come up with!

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