Karmic Resilience in Bean Town: Their Resilience Advantage

I have to admit I was rooting for Boston in the World Series. It may have been because the Cardinals defeated our Pirates in the ALDS or perhaps it was because my dentist, Dr Rob, is a raving Red Sox fan and I don’t want to get on his wrong side.

But as I watched the celebrations the past few days, I recognized that I love a good resilience story and there wasn’t any better one yesterday than the team from BeanTown. Let me count them off…No home world series celebration since 1918, Big Poppi was batting over .700 in the series after they lost 96 games last year,  and even Neil Diamond made a comeback to sing Sweet Caroline during several games this year.

But when someone said that it was like a karmic dream to celebrate a world series victory at the end of the season when one stops and thinks about what Boston went through at the beginning of this year’ sports season at the Boston Marathon, then you have to appreciate the elegance of the grand scheme.

There is a statistical phenomenon called “regression to the mean” which describes how a series of events that are occur in one direction will usually be brought back to average by having an equal response to events in the other direction. It may be a statistical event but the other possibility is that the universe is finding a way to even out the score and make all things good. Oftentimes, that is how resilience works…some bad thing happens but then people’s hard work and bounce forward get things back to a positive place they could never imagine and we can celebrate like its

So don’t get too discouraged if things are not going your way. The world and your good efforts will probably get you back on your resilience path. That’s the way statistics and karma work. It did in Boston this year!

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