Just Do It

Sales grew and Nike became the preeminent athletic shoe company around the world. What I like about the slogan however is how it emphasizes resolve in getting things done. For many of us we know what it is we have to do…lose weight, write an article, call that customer you need to talk to, attend a lecture… but somehow we are not able to get it done. You might call it the classic battle between execution and resolution. We know what it is we have to do (execute) but we may not have the discipline to do it (resolve). How can we get better at getting things done. Try these out for size…
  1. Get yourself organized and set your priorities–Just take a few minutes to write down your intentions and then establish the priorities of what is most important
  2. Break them down into bite size pieces. A former principal use to say to me “inch by inch, its a cinch”. Most of the time we try to do too much at a time and wind up getting frustrated by the entire event.
  3. Make sure you are working towards your goal and not to just do the tasks. Outcomes is what you are looking to achieve.
  4. Be accountable–Make your goal public to another person and ask them to help you achieve your goals. This afternoon, I have an accountability meeting with a few colleagues so that we can discuss our progress on the improvement of our websites
  5. Reward yourself. Whatever it is that gives you enjoyment, build that into your day.
Even watching the US women lose to the Japanese in the FIFA world cup last night, I could not help thinking that there are thousands of young girls out this morning who are committed to work of their soccer skills so that one day they will be on that field determined to bring the cup back to the USA. And they are going to do it!]]>

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