Happy Birthday to Me

I have a birthday this weekend on May 19th.

I have a bit of a tradition in that I like to celebrate my birthday during the whole week leading up to that day. Each day this week, I’ve been doing something special to help me appreciate my world a bit more.

For example, on Monday I posted on my Facebook page that I’ve recently joined the Board of the Women’s Center and Shelter here in Pittsburgh and so to acknowledge their great effort, I’ve created a birthday fundraiser.

Today, I thought I would share a bit of my gratitude list for my birthday.

  • I always think that moms should be celebrated on their children’s birthday since they did all the really hard work, so thanks Mom.
  • I also appreciate that my parents conceived me sometime around September of the year before I was born. May is a great month for a birthday and I almost always celebrate in glorious spring weather. So thanks, Dad for making the effort.
  • I feel blessed to be loved and appreciated by family and so many friends.
  • I love that I am constantly learning and looking for ways to make myself better so that I can make some small contribution to improving the world.
  • I’m glad that chocolate is my favorite kind of dessert.

Resilience is about celebrating the good in our lives and what better way to do that than during our birthday week.

Thanks for all your support and appreciation for my work in resilience. It is with much gratitude that I honor all of you who have aided me in my journey.

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