As if we needed to know, a new set of studies shows that gratitude boosts your positive outlook. Gratitude builds happiness through both the addition of affirming statements to yourself and others and a simultaneous reduction in the time available for complaining. So what are some quick and easy ways to build up your gratitude according to my informal survey of some kids and adults I spoke with last week:
  1. Give more hugs
  2. Limit your whining time to 15 seconds
  3. Write down three appreciations at the end of your day in a notebook
  4. Write down three appreciations you want to share with others at the start of your day.
  5. Attend a concert or go to an art gallery to enjoy the art and change your routine
  6. Go for a walk out in the woods
  7. Pet your dog (or cat if she’ll let you)
  8. Listen to an inspirational book on tape
  9. Tell a friend how cool you think they are
  10. Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful view of your family and friends tomorrow at your Thanksgiving dinner table
Thanks to all for your support of my work. I am filled with gratefulness!]]>

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