Going For the Challenge

I’ve received several emails this week with suggestions for today’s RW which can most easily be summarized as Cavs=Resilience.

While there are certainly no shortages of resilience stories in sports, this past weekend’s Cleveland Cavalier National Basketball Association championship merits special notice, but not for what you think.

Most people will say that the Cavs resilience story was their unprecedented comeback from a 3-1 deficit in the best of 7 series (a never before achieved accomplishment) and that their never-say-die attitude sets them apart from other great teams. I would have another take, however.

My resilience perspective would be about LeBron James and his decision to return to Cleveland after having left the Cavaliers in 2010. LeBron was reviled in Cleveland labeled a “traitor” when he decided to “take his talent to South Beach,” where he won two NBA championships with the Miami Heat.

LeBron’s decision to return to his hometown, however, is where the real resilience story takes place. His decision to take on the pressure, hopes and dreams, disappointments, and ultimate success took an incredible amount of courage in recognizing and taking on a challenge that was not just not necessary for him to be viewed as one of the greatest of all times.. He signed up for and in doing so brought himself and the City of Cleveland a great and well deserved reward.

How many of us sign up to take on a challenge that is not necessary but do so because we believe in a cause, want to test our capacity, or just like the challenge of something new?

Now that is my kind of resilience!

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