Getting Focused

How would you like to work 4 days but get paid for 5?

I’d like it and so do the employees at Perpetual Guardian Trust Company in New Zealand.

A research project at this financial firm undertook to determine how productive employees were over a 4-day workweek when they were paid for 5 days. The research showed and company founder Andrew Barnes agreed that his employees got done in 4 days what was previously accomplished in 5.

In addition, employee engagement and satisfaction were reported to improve during the project period. Meetings were reduced to 30 minutes and colleagues created signals letting others know that they needed undisturbed time to get their work done.

Their HR leader concluded that people were working smarter and not harder.

Of course, stress levels decreased and employee worklife balance increased according to researchers at the University of Auckland and people came back to work renewed and refreshed. They were also able to get their personal business done during their off day freeing them from having to complete those tasks during the work day. The project was so successful that Perpetual is implementing it as part of their regular work schedule.

While your workplace may not be ready for having you around for just 32 hours, the more important implication is about energy management and not time management. Getting work done in focused bursts ensures a higher level of productivity and that helps you get things done faster and quicker.

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