Five Tips for A Resilient Holiday

  1. Appreciation: Savor the moments you are with the ones you love. Create mental memories of their facial expressions or sounds of excitement as they open a gift or share a story.
  2. Ask for and offer help: There is a lot to get done and plenty of people around to help out. Don’t take on all the responsibilities nor should you leave it all to someone else. It’s a family thing.
  3. Take time for you: This is your holiday season as well, so make some time for to enjoy things you like to do. Perhaps it’s a solitary walk in the woods, or working on your favorite hobby. Enjoy yourself.
  4. Enjoy and build tradition: Family traditions create a sense of comfort essential for being resilient. Enjoy these rituals and consider adding a new one to the routine that will carry forward in your family.
  5. Laugh out loud: Santa’s lived a long life in part due to his jolly style. Follow his lead and make your laugh big and bold. (Research shows it laugher makes endorphins too!)

We’ll be travelling this holiday season visiting our kids in different locations. Our bags will be packed with gifts and our hearts will be full of love as we celebrate our time together.

My wish is for you to have a wonderful holiday season. See you in 2015!

© Richard Citrin, 2014


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