Fine Dining

Just because we’re on vacation does not mean I should not be blogging. After all, bloggers have to report their whole life and not just a part of it.

As we were driving to NYC and beyond for a mini family reunion (just one side of the family and most of my favorite cousins) we were approaching the New Jersey border and realized it was time for dinner. As is the case we pack a box lunch and enjoyed our sandwiches, fruit and chips (forgot the cookies) but needed to stop and enjoy a regular meal. As we prepared to exit in Tannersville, Sheila saw a sign that said

Comfort Inn

Tandoor Palace Restaurant

Fine Dining

Now any place that identifies itself as having “Fine Dining” in Tannersville, PA is something worth checking out. Pulling off the highway, it wound up being a quick right turn and uphill drive to our first real holiday adventure.

We knew right away we’d be experiencing something a bit different as we were greeted by the Tandoor Palace train car and a packed parking lot. We followed a group of tourists up ahead of us who were ready to stake their claim to a big table.

Greeted by the maitre’d, he led us into the rail car and I was immediately transported to the Orient Express where we shared tables with travelers from other parts of the world (or at least from nearby Tannersville)

Our meal was our traditional Indian fare (Tandoori Butter Chicken, Saag Paneer and Naan) along with a glass of wine or a bottle of Kingfisher. Walking around the rail car we shared some smiles with other diners and imagined how well we would all do traveling together. If only Amtrak looked this good.

I decided then, that my quest this holiday would be a search for fine dining. Not necessarily what the critics say but what the self appointed restauranteurs proclaim.

Stay tuned

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