Find Your Happiness

We use resilience not to overcome the stress in our lives but to achieve something greater…happiness. It is the sense of a satisfying and rewarding life we strive for and our ability to be resilient with stress moves us closer to finding joy.

Researchers talk about three kinds of happiness that we can experience in our lives. These include:

  • Moment to moment happiness that relates to the small pleasures we encounter each day. A blooming flower or an acknowledging word for a job well done. Small events that, if we allow, can bring a smile to our face.
  • Success in our day translates to a job well done. We set out on a path to get a certain amount accomplished and when we’ve reached our goal, it’s time for an acknowledgement. It may not have been perfect or even pretty but as the sun sets we find satisfaction in what we’ve achieved.
  • Reaching life goals whether it is raising a healthy family or finishing a major life project creates a feeling of success that transcends our day to day trivialities and transforms us through our sense of accomplishment and increased confidence to a new level of happiness.

Our bodies are built for happiness and there are many ways, large and small to experience joy. Look for them and you’ll find yourself smiling a bit more each day.

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