Extended Celebrations

I’m a big one for extended celebrations and if I run into you anytime during the month of January, there is a good chance that I’ll be wishing you a Happy New Year.

I like extending New Year’s thinking out into the month so that it relieves the urgency to have to come up with “resolutions” around how I’ll do things differently this year and instead provides an opportunity to reflect on the year past and plan for all of 2017.

I like to start by asking myself some questions:

  • What brought me deep satisfaction and enjoyment this past year?
  • What challenges did I overcome and from which I grew stronger and what did I learn from them?
  • What would help me find another year of satisfaction and enjoyment for 2017 and what would be 2 or 3 actions that would help me put these steps into play?

One of my key actions for 2017 is to reach out to more friends and colleagues and reconnect with folks I haven’t seen for a bit. In my reflection I’ve recognized that some of my most enjoyable times last year was sharing time with others. So be on the lookout for a call and even if I don’t see you before February, Happy New Year!

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