Services Focus on Leadership Development, Talent Management and Business Resiliency PITTSBURGH, PA (21 July 2011) Today, Richard S. Citrin, Ph.D. announced that he had successfully completed the Human Capital Strategist certification program offered through the Human Capital Institute, a global association for talent management and new economy leadership headquartered in Washington, DC Dr. Citrin, principal of Citrin Consulting said, “I am very pleased to have attained this certification. The Human Capital Institute understands the importance of transforming how we look at people resources within the workplace and creating a talent perspective about the best and the brightest who work in our companies.” The certification process focuses on the theory and principles of the new business science of strategic talent management, including the fundamentals of workforce planning, recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, engagement, alignment, deployment, development, performance management, succession planning, retention, and metrics. Most importantly, it addresses how   these activities integrate across your enterprise to form a talent lifecycle that creates true competitive advantage. I am already using the knowledge and skills with several of my clients and look forward to bringing this technology to many more as it will clearly help them to reach their business and professional goals. About Citrin Consulting Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Citrin Consulting is a collaborative organization that works closely with companies of all sizes, helping them to achieve beyond expectations by cultivating exceptional leaders. Founded under the leadership of Richard S. Citrin, Ph.D. in 2009, clients significantly improve business effectiveness and profitability. Services include programs aimed at greater business resiliency, strategies for every economy, successful navigation of mergers and acquisition, creating a culture of innovation and ensuring that staff at all levels are poised for success. Citrin Consulting has a strong track record working with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations as well as state and local governments.]]>