you value them is critical to finding your ultimate career satisfaction. In my work with clients I’ve identified seven key values that each person aspires to in the workplace. What is important about these values is that you know what they are, how you define them and most importantly how you prioritize them against one another. Let’s take a look at each of these values.
Geography Geography relates to where you want to work on an international, national or local basis. While you may want to work in a major metropolitan area that involves moving from your current location, you may also want to work in a job that is no more than a 15 minute commute from your home.
Kind of People I want to work with The Kind of People factor relates to how important it is to work with others as part of your work value system. Are you comfortable working in teams and do you find it easy to work with others in that type of setting? For some people, working by themselves is much more important, satisfying and productive while for others having the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with others is much more important and rewarding.
Your Special Capabilities Special Capabilities are areas of expertise that you possess that may be specifically related to your work or may even represent a non-vocational skill set. For example, if you are as senior manager, you may possess special skills in mergers and acquisitions and you want to focus on that line of work. From an non-vocational perspective you may mentor young athletes and want to purse that area of expertise as a possible career or perhaps you speak a foreign language with great proficiency and want to leverage that into a new position
Goals, Values and Purposes of the Organization For profit, not for profit, government organization. Each of these entities have different goals, values and purposes. Sometimes these are reflected in their missions statements, sometimes they are reflected in how they operate or the way the run their business. Having a core value that is consistent with what you believe can help you find significant meaning in your day to day work experiences.
Salary and Level Of Responsibility Everyone wants to make as much money as they can and for many people having as much responsibility as is possible is critical to their definition of success. We believe that people should know how much money they need and what their level of responsibility in the workplace will provide them with a good sense of fairness and contribution for the work they do for their organization.
Personal Dignity Everyone wants to feel good about what they do at work and how they are respected in the workplace. Knowing how you want and expect to be treated in the workplace will ensure that your efforts will be rewarded and that you that you will perform your best.
Knowing your Job Values will go a long way to helping you understand and take charge of your career and will guide you down a path of workplace satisfaction and enjoyment. ]]>