Election Resilience

This race to the White House has been absolutely exhausting. The other day I was at an airport lounge at O’Hare and realized I could not stand to hear any more from one of the candidates. Remembering that chronic stress can cause health problems I recognized that it might be time to take a break from the discourse being portrayed and check out for a bit from watching politics.

I love being an involved citizen but with 6 more months until the election, I think it is important to pace myself and now seems like a bit of a good to take a time out and build in some political recovery time. I moved over to another part of the lounge and just watched planes taking off from O’Hare while working on my New York Times Crossword Puzzle app.

When we personally overdo some things, we may unwittingly create more stress than we care to take on and so taking some downtime from the event helps us recover and restore our energy and focus. There is a long way to go until election time and I know I’ll need all my political energy to help my candidate of choice to win.

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