Did You Survive?

The apocalypse of Daylight Savings Time was upon us last Sunday morning at 2 AM The cute reminders on Facebook, in the newspaper, and by my friends helped me organize most of my clocks by 6 PM Saturday so that I wouldn’t be confused when I woke up Sunday morning and it was still dark outside.

Of course, the warnings blasted out before DST kicked off were followed by concerns about how the loss of one hour of sleep would disrupt my entire week. My circadian rhythms would be off, I would be confused if I missed a clock (we’ll see as I haven’t changed my car clock yet) and I wouldn’t want to come in from the outside at night as we now have an additional hour of light at the end of the day.

I have to admit that I did have a little reticence about getting up Monday morning to walk my dog Cody until I saw the earliest signs of the rising sun over the Allegheny River. I hadn’t seen that sunrise for over a month now and I find it to be a powerful way to start my day.

It’s always important to respect Mother Nature but we are built to overcome minor challenges like these without so much as a nod. That is part of our resilience.

Besides I understand that it is okay to take a little nap this week if I need to catch up on that lost hour. That will definitely help me get ready for next week’s Armageddon, whatever it will be!.

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