Delivering the Goods

I hope you had a chance to watch the US Women Soccer Player win the World Cup last week. I had a triple interest in that my granddaughter is starting her collegiate soccer career this fall, a buddy of mine’s granddaughter plays on the team (Lori Chalupny) and I’m a sucker for USA sports (USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!)

What I found so interesting was how the confidence of the team seemed to strengthen after each game. There was tentativeness and maybe even open fear about whether the team had it to get out of the first round and into the knock out round, where they beat China (1-0). Their confidence built after playing the perennially tough German team and seeing that they had the win in them, (2-0). I tuned into the finals against Japan, who were the defending champs about 15 minutes late and was pleasantly shocked to see Team USA up by 2 goals. Yikes I already missed the headlines.

Confidence builds on success and confidence can carry us through a lot of adversity on the playing field or on life’s field. Celebrate your small wins and they’ll start to build up your confidence so that you’ll start chanting “We Believe that We Will Win!”

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