Creating Happiness?

I was talking to a owner of a small business the other day and he was bemoaning how hard he is working and how he can’t seem to find any time to relax or enjoy himself or his family.

When I asked him what he is doing to promote his own happiness he was taken aback. He told me that he didn’t think he had any control over his happiness but instead happiness would just come to him when he lands a new piece of business or his daughter hears about getting accepted to the college of her choice (although he chuckled that the cost of her education would cut into his enjoyment a bit.)

I suggested to him that he was the master of his happiness. He asked me for one idea that he could use to promote more joy and I suggested that he start upon opening his eyes in the morning. I asked him to not allow himself to focus on any negative thoughts and instead consider his blessings, goals, and personal hopes for the day. By starting off in a positive frame, he can help himself to build a bridge to enjoyment right from the start.

How are you creating happiness for yourself, your loved ones and the world?

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1 thought on “Creating Happiness?

  1. Rich,
    I like your phrase, “master of happiness” and what it suggests. In my coaching work and my former psychotherapy practice, I’ve never had someone ask me to help them with their happiness. Of course, what they did ask for help with was what they thought would make them happier–but it never occurred to them to prioritize their happiness and the everything else would be so much easier to improve.
    In my new audio course on Enlightened Happiness, my first section is “Prioritize Your Happiness.” Few people start with happiness, but in life or in the workplace, starting with happiness, which I define simply as any feeling of “positive energy” gives us the energy for everythiing else.
    Thanks for bringing us such an important and life-enhancing topic.

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