Celebrating Success

What great things have you already gotten done this week and how are you acknowledging your victories? Most of us fall back on our modesty and humility and don’t want to be seen as being braggadocios and tooting your own horn.

Building confidence in our ability to get things done and persevere through the tough stuff is built on our successes and not failures and owning them builds our hardiness and faith.

So this week, I am going to brag that I am thrilled to announce that I’ve received a contract to write a commercially published book on resilience in business. The book’s working title is The Resilience Advantage and the manuscript is due November 1, 2015. I’ll be working hard this summer focusing on getting my ideas in my computer and am looking to talk with folks about their experiences with resilience in the workplace. Let me know if you have a great story or idea.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Success

  1. Congratulations Richard! You have so much to offer to others about how to cultivate/build resilience and why it is one of THE go-to-traits for all reasons and seasons! I look forward to reading your book.

  2. Congratulations, Richard! This is great news. Your work will be important as we don’t know enough yet about how collective resilience is built so that it is available as a strategic resource. Here’s to a great summer of learning and writing!

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