What are your Curious About?

There are mysteries all around us and this is certainly the season of mysteries from the Christmas star to the Hanukkah Menorah.

More importantly, perhaps, is the idea that we can think about our work and relationships as having a mysterious edge to them. If we approach projects, sales, team building and certainly leadership development as a mystery waiting to be unwrapped and discovered, then we wash away the concern that something may be overwhelming or “too hard.”

My favorite way to unravel a mystery and feed my sense of curiosity is to ask questions. Not only is it the easiest way to find answers but it allows others to share their wisdom and experience and creates a strong bond of connection.

I’ll be taking some time during our walks in the woods or down by the water this next week to think about the wonders and mysteries surrounding me and plan to build that muscle so I can enjoy solving the mysteries that await in 2021

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Serve or Savor

The writer, EB White once remarked that “I wake up each morning torn between a desire to serve the world and to savor it. This makes it difficult to plan the day.”

While those choices may make it difficult to plan the day, they both are delicious choices. Being in service whether it be to others to your business’s mission or to a cause you believe in provides energy and vitality to what you do. Savoring the day means that you get to enjoy all the world has to offer such as the fallen leaves coloring the sidewalk.

Perhaps it does not have to be a choice but can be something we find time to do everyday

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Going at the Speed of the Body

Create as much routine as you can. Get to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. Eat regularly meals at about the same time as well Watch your sleep and get on a regular schedule Pay attention to how your body responds to certain demands including food. Last week I had an Italian Ice (for the first time in a year) and I was wired for about 45 minutes from all the sugar. Get as...

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The New Mecca of Relaxation: Your Neighborhood Airport Terminal

The story on the monitor began with soft relaxing music as the commentator walked leisurely down the hall, past rushed and harried passengers.  His excitement showed as he shared his discoveries about how we can manage our travel stress. Three stops…massage, sleep, and mind alteration were all part of the formula and after watching his story,  I decided that the 2 ½ hours until my next flight provided the opportunity to personally check out whether I could find my little...

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How is Your Work-Rest Balance?

Ten PM at night is usually bedtime for me but there I was at the manufacturing plant of one of my clients doing a presentation and discussion to 35 workers about finding a balance between work and rest. Part of their global wellness initiative on stress resilience, the plant manager asked me to speak to employees about stress issues that accompany working multiple 12 hour shifts from 5 PM to 5 AM and how you can find a balance between...

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