What are your Curious About?

There are mysteries all around us and this is certainly the season of mysteries from the Christmas star to the Hanukkah Menorah.

More importantly, perhaps, is the idea that we can think about our work and relationships as having a mysterious edge to them. If we approach projects, sales, team building and certainly leadership development as a mystery waiting to be unwrapped and discovered, then we wash away the concern that something may be overwhelming or “too hard.”

My favorite way to unravel a mystery and feed my sense of curiosity is to ask questions. Not only is it the easiest way to find answers but it allows others to share their wisdom and experience and creates a strong bond of connection.

I’ll be taking some time during our walks in the woods or down by the water this next week to think about the wonders and mysteries surrounding me and plan to build that muscle so I can enjoy solving the mysteries that await in 2021

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What is Your New Habit?

It take about 66 days to form a new habit and as we’ve been Covding for 7 months, we’ve all, no doubt, developed some new habits. Perhaps you’ve developed some positive ones like being comfortable for your Zoom call by wearing your PJs all day. Maybe you’ve scheduled your team’s virtual happy hour to make sure that everyone stays connected socially. Hopefully you haven’t developed too many negative habits like working well into the evening or foregoing your workout routine...

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Jane Fraser, The New CEO of Citibank: A Model of Leadership Development

Jane Fraser will be the next CEO of Citibank. She is the first woman chosen to be the CEO of a major money-centered bank. A remarkable accomplishment that is well overdue given the remarkable experiences she’s accrued over the course of her career While we will all watch how she meets the challenges of banking in a pandemic and post-pandemic world, it is clear what has prepared her for this role. Her portfolio of experiences. As my co-author Michael Couch...

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The Career Success Formula

Strategy Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders, I shared with you our “Career Success Formula.” In short, your career success is made up of all your Key Developmental Experiences (KDE’s), such as rolling out a new product and  where you learned the essential skills or  ]“Key Leadership Competencies” (KLC’s) that were needed to complete the job, such as getting everyone on board and behind the new product. Learning from the experiences is enhanced by regular reflection...

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