A Nice Trip to the Doctor’s Office

I’ve been ill the past 10 days as a carryover from my holiday vacation in Colorado. Came down with a nasty cold from grandson Ethan who is such a sweetie that I know he had no intention of infecting me or his father or his cousin Jody. Sore throat, hacking cough, fatigue, and runny nose. I’ve had to run two clothes washer loads of handkerchiefs to try to keep up with the production of mucus. Thankfully, however, I knew it was just a cold and not the dreaded flu. After all, I’d gotten a flu shot. But when I felt like I took a turn for the worse yesterday, I decided that maybe I should go see my doctor office Read More

The Resilience Advantage: Part 3 – Five Ways To Become Body Wise

Richard shares five tips to develop body wisdom.

The Resilience Advantage: Part 2 – How Smoking Saved A Life (A Body Wisdom Story)

Richard teaches that it is never too late to start making a big difference in your life.

The Resilience Advantage: Part 1 – A Body Holds The Key

Richard shares how to develop body wisdom.

Forget About Managing Stress – Try Being Resilient

Another thing to know about the resilience versus the management model as I said is about how you anticipate and prepare for stressful events even this issue of navigation where you find yourself in the heat of a battle. I want to talk about these three mechanisms a little bit more in preparation, hardiness, navigation, and this recovery and bounce back. So these are the three mechanisms and these three mechanisms are really important. The first story I want to share with you is an example of this. So I am going to tell you a little story about Arthur Ashe. Arthur Ashe was the first African-American tennis player to win single tournaments at Wimbelton, the US Open, and the Read More

Shifting From Stress Management To Stress Resilience

Richard discusses shifting from a stress management model for handling pressures to a stress resilience model.

The Most Important Hour Of Your Day

Every day at 3 PM EDT, the business news station, CNBC announces that the upcoming hour is the most important hour of the business day because it is the last hour of trading on the nation’s stock exchanges. For sure, that last hour is important  for investors,  perhaps it is even the last minute that is important for investors, but the question for us…What is our most important hour? I read a blog post from Michael Hyatt last week that discussed that the first hour of the day is the most important hour. That can be a time when you awaken, do some meditating/praying and preparing for your day by establishing a routine that gets your day off to a Read More

When George Will Called Me A Liar

It was an innocent enough evening. My wife Sheila and I were down in Sarasota, Florida visiting my brother Chuck and his wife Robyn when they announced they had secured us a couple of tickets to join them at the monthly lecture series offered by the Ringling College Library Association. George Will was the featured speaker and when we entered the beautiful lecture hall, it was a packed house. Our seats were in the last row of the balcony. We were glad to be there. George Will is one of my favorite columnists. His writing is nearly poetic and his mind transforms complex ideas into understandable simplicity. Even when I disagree with what he says, I have to admit that he Read More