The Essential Skills

“Oh , I don’t worry about those. They’re just soft skills” “Grrrr”, I went under my breath, as another person talked to me about using soft skills. Just in case you can’t tell, they’re talking about people skills the same way that Tea Party activist talk about the Affordable Care Act. With contempt. The implication is that hard skills like budgeting, financial planning, and other mathematically related activities are more important than is our ability to interact with one another effectively. But the research does not bear that out In one study of 358 randomly selected Johnson and Johnson managers, the best performing ones possessed significantly higher levels of self-awareness, self-management capability, social skills, and organizational savvy. Another study conducted Read More


How would you handle this situation…. You and a business colleague agreed to work together for your mutual benefit. Your work and his work complimented each other and you both believed that you could help your clients and yourselves by cross referring some business. It is now 4 months after your agreement and you’ve referred three clients to this fellow that has resulted in $50,000 worth of business for them. But to date, your “colleague” has not referred a single person to you. You have a meeting this coming week and you want to have a further discussion about the arrangement…oh by the way…you are really pissed! This is the discussion several of my colleagues and I had at our Read More

Building A Good Head of Esteem

I was talking with the CEO of a small company recently who had just taken the reigns of the organization and was having some good initial success at turning this once troubled company around. As we discussed his work and professional issues, he confided in me that a big issue for him is related to his self-esteem. He often questions himself about whether he is making the right decisions and whether his decisions will actually work effectively enough to help the company. He wasn’t sure if this was common for CEOs and others and I reassured him that self-esteem issues represents an important aspect of what I address with my corporate consulting work. And it doesn’t surprise me since studies Read More