Forget about Managing Stress; Try Being Resilient For the past 70 years, we’ve been teaching people how to manage stress. Yet survey after survey show that stress levels are going up and that workplace efficiency is going down. The simple truth is that it is impossible to manage stress. In fact it is even worse than that. For most people, stress manages them! For the past 15 years, enlightened companies, organizations and communities have learned that we can’t keep bad things from happening and instead we have to focus on how to change our thinking so we don’t let these events drag us through the mud and instead see that we control our response and our actions The Resilience Advantage delivers high impact and practical solutions to workplace pressures helping employees develop effective and efficient approaches to the workplace stress: Three Key Elements: Resilience is built across a time continuum that can be used in a variety of setting. We call it the Resilience Continuum:
  • Build Hardiness Through Preparation:Being ready and anticipating difficult events means that workplace risk is minimized and success is maximized. The Resilience Advantage develops skills to build hardiness and to prepare for challenging events before they happen.
  • Navigate Stress in Real Time:Everybody has to deal with stress and pressures while it is happening. The Resilience Advantage provides the benefit of giving people skills so they are more balanced in the face of pressure situations
  • Bounce-Back and Recovery:Having strategies to recover quickly means that everyone is ready to begin anew. The Resilience Advantage teaches people to how and why it is important to recharge your batteries—during and after the workday.
The Resilience Advantage Tools are Easy To Learn and Apply
  • Physical Advantage — Just like working out with a trainer, your Resilience Advantage tools help you to change your behaviors so that you can improve how you and your team deal with workplace challenges.
  • Mental Advantage — Challenging yourself and others to think through the best ways to deal with adversity is an amazing exercise at seeing how thinking can be put to use in ways you hadn’t considered before.
Social Advantage — Connecting with others helps us see the power of our friends and family to help us through adversity. There is both biological and social research that shows how these linkages can make our lives easier.

Richard’s Podcasts on The Resilience Advantage

Stress Resilience
Richard speaks on stress resilience.
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Your Personal Resilience Tools: Becoming Body Wise

A Body Holds the Key
[audio src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Your-Personal-Resilience-Tool-1A-Your-Body-Holds-The-Key-Citrin-101611-Q3.mp3"]
How Smoking Saved a Life
[audio src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Your-Personal-Resilience-Tool-1B-How-Smoking-Saved-A-Life-A-Body-Wisdom-Story-Citrin-101611-Q4.mp3"]
Five Ways to Become Body Wise
[audio src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Your-Personal-Resilience-Tool-1C-Five-Ways-To-Become-Body-Wise-Citrin-101611-Q5.mp3"]

Two Keys to Being an Optimist

Part 1
[audio src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/3-Keys-to-being-an-optimist-Part-1-Citrin-102311-Q10.mp3"]
Part 2
[audio src="/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/3-Keys-to-being-an-optimist-Part-2-Citrin-102311-Q10.mp3"]

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