Richard on Resilience
Watch Richard being interviewed by Employee Benefit TV on Stress Resilience following his very successful presentation at their national conference in Dallas Texas
    Richard spoke with Michael Zapursky about how to be a top notch consultant. Listen to the podcast here. Richard was a featured speaker at the 2017 Pittsburgh Human Resource Association’s Annual Meeting. His topic was “Resilience, Agility, Change” Richard will also be a featured speaker at the 28th Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference to be held in San Diego, Ca on March 26-30. Richard’s article on resilience and agility in the Spring 2017 American Management Association’s “Quarterly Magazine” New York Times Richard is quoted in 2 New York Times articles: Jan 2017 – “How To Improve your Sense of Direction” Apr 2017 – “How to Avoid the Stress of Moving” The Resilience Advantage won an “Honorable Mention” in the Author Zone Book Contest in October. The book was named a top 3 finalist in the annual contest. Richard was honored to receive Standing Firm’s 2016 Champion Award for his work on helping address the impact of partner and domestic violence in the workplace, along with the Pittsburgh Pirates who were named Employer of the Year. What Successful People Do On Sunday to Be Productive All Week GX: A Magazine for Military Reservists: Check out highlights from the Launch Party Hear Richard being interviewed by Marketing Professional Linda Popky about how resilience applies to the marketing business View Richard’s Press Release about The Resilience Advantage News Media’s are showing some great interest in The Resilience Advantage

Praise for The Resilience Advantage

The Resilience Advantage was featured in Diana Jones’s of New Zealand’s monthly newsletter. “The Organisation Development Company.” Diana has been interested in resilience and wrote of the book: “This book lives by the premise that in order to have peaceful existence we need to be skillful in navigating conflict in interpersonal, group relationships, and life events. The authors give tools to building trust in your own judgment, and shift readers’ thinking from coping with stress to using stressful experiences to grow. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to thrive in life.”
Diana Jones The Organisation Development Company
“Citrin and Weiss, using their decades of insightful experience working with both individuals and organizations in stressful and even devastating circumstances, have created an understandable and actionable blueprint to increase resiliency. “Plan, navigate, recover and strengthen”. This formula for the “Resilience Advantage”, whether for an individual or organization, based on understandable and engaging research, case studies and tools, provides both insight and actionable ways to improve enjoyment and achievement.”
Michael Parkinson, M.D., MPH, FACPM Past President American College of Preventive Medicine
“Richard and Alan challenge us to reframe in a positive way our relationship with stress. With resilience as our partner, you show how we can embrace stress to enhance our performance both professionally and personally.”
Cabot Earle CEO Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
“The Resilience Advantage is packed with practical techniques for turning life’s unavoidable stresses into power packs that propel you forward in the areas you care most deeply about. Whether it’s rebuilding a relationship, achieving a significant career goal or upping your performance to play your best, this book has tactics and strategies that will help you get better results in every area of life.”
Seth Kahan author of Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right
“The Resilience Advantage provides a roadmap for employees and business leaders alike to turn stress and adversity to their advantage. The book changes the conversation around stress in our workplaces and in our lives away from the notion of “managing stress”, and instead to look at our inherent capacity for being resilient. It offers practical advice on how to use the resilience principles to address workplace and personal challenges. This book has great application for workplace health and well being and will help corporate leaders lead the way to a healthier and more productive workplace.”
Alberto Colombi, M.D., MPH. Former Global Medical Director PPG Industries
“Think you know something about resilience? Think again. Much like the martial art of Aikido, which uses the energy of the opponent to your benefit, so too, does Richard Citrin use the energy of a setback to help you bounce back faster and stronger than ever. Citing both the existing psychological literature and building on his own work, Richard Citrin has a new and unique view of resilience that no working professional should be without. Providing new thinking on what were once thought well-worn trails, Citrin gives pragmatic, how-to advice to immediately improve your resiliency. Here you’ll learn how to deal with the contract that falls through, the promotion not obtained and even the negative thinking which often follows success. Full disclosure: I know Richard Citrin personally, and here’s what you should know: The tone of the book is just like Richard’s personality. Warm, understanding and insightful. The writing makes the ideas readily accessible and comes across comes across as the wise, non-judgmental counsel of a trusted friend. Think of a time in your life when that coach, or teacher, or family member calmly and rationally gave you the best advice of your life. Remember how your heart soared and you mind cleared as the world and your place in it seemed to make more sense? Get ready to relive that experience. Grab this book, find a comfortable spot, and let Richard Citrin and Alan Weiss, guide you to a world where every day you can be smarter, stronger and faster because you have The Resilience Advantage.”
Mark Rodgers Consultant and Award Winning Author of The Persuasion Equation
“Gain a rare insider’s perspective on understanding your innate capacity to effectively embrace your daily life and work stresses and not just manage them as well as receive a roadmap for developing your responses to any situation with the goal of optimizing your life and those of your family and colleagues. Take a deep breath and change your life.”
Donald Machan, M.D, DDS, JD, MBA Retired Judge and Health Care Consultant
“Rarely do thought leaders like Citrin and Weiss come along with insights profound enough to completely upend a staid topic like stress management and truly pioneer a new paradigm. The Resilience Advantage offers provocation and practical support to companies and individuals seeking to promote stress resilience and create healthier, happier and more productive ways of living and working. A must-read.”
Kristy Trautman Executive Director FISA Foundation
“In a crowded, chaotic world, it’s a given that sooner or later we will encounter significant challenges. How we respond and the mindset we take determine whether stress rules us or we maintain control. In this book, Richard Citrin and Alan Weiss present us with a fresh approach to the fine art of building resilience, and offers helpful suggestions for applications in personal and professional situations.”
Linda J. Popky author of Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing That Matters