The Resilience Advantage For 70 years psychologists, wellness experts and physicians have been teaching people that they can manage the stress in their lives. They have been wrong. Over the past 15 years there has been a revolution in how business, communities and governments around the globe address challenge and adversity. Their goal has shifted to trying to manage these events to instead recognize that we have to build resilient systems that help us prepare for them, navigate through them in real time and bounce back or better still, bounce forward. The resilience movement admits the fact that we can’t always keep bad things from happening and that what we must develop strategies that help us learn from the challenges and not be victimized by them. The Resilience Advantage these ideas and those from neuropsychology, education, the arts, sports, and positive psychology into practical and effective strategies for individuals and organizations who struggle with the day–to-day stresses of today’s complex and challenging workplace. This book will transform how you think about the stress in your life.
The Resilience Advantage is packed with practical techniques for turning life’s unavoidable stresses into power packs that propel you forward in the areas you care most deeply about. Whether it’s rebuilding a relationship, achieving a significant career goal or upping your performance to play your best, this book has tactics and strategies that will help you get better results in every area of life.
Seth Kahan author of Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right
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