Download and Read a Chapter from The Resilience Advantage Ideas about managing stress began in the 1950s when we first started learning about the physiological implication of stress on our health and well-being. The message we received then was that stress was bad for us and that we wanted to avoid it as much as possible. If we could not avoid it, then we should try to manage it as best as we can. Survey after survey has shown, however, that everyone’s stress level is higher and higher than it was before. That can only lead to at least one conclusion which is that the approaches we are using to address challenges and stress in our lives are not working. Furthermore, we want to do more than just survive our existence. We want our lives to be satisfying, rewarding, and amazing, too. So a new approach to thinking about and addressing life challenges needs to be put in place. It’s time to stop thinking that we can actually manage stress and instead take the radical step to seek out a new approach to addressing life challenges—by being resilient in the face of stressful challenges and life adversities. ]]>

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