Building A Good Head of Esteem

While issues around self-esteem may have a significant psychological component, there are things we can do to simplify the process of feeling better about ourselves without having to delve deep within our psyche. Try some of these on for size.
  1. Make sure you are a good fit in your work environment—If you are working for an organization that does not fit your style, then look around for some new work friends, transferring to another department or even looking for a new job.
  2. Decide what you want your brand to be at work—Identify your specialty and build up the expertise and talent that you have to demonstrate those skills. As people see you as the thought leader in that area, your confidence and so theirs will grow.
  3. Mentor—Regardless of your age you have a wealth of experience to pass onto others. By taking time to teach younger folks your skills—whether it is with a colleague who aspires to do a better job or a high school student needing some adult support, mentoring will help both of you.
  4. Get out of the rumor business- Nothing will create paranoia then rumors and innuendos around the workplace…and eventually these will affect your self-esteem and work confidence. When colleagues start dissing other folks, just walk away or pronounce your objection to talking about people behind their back.
  5. Build friendships at work—An amazing piece of research shows that having friends at work is a great way to feel good about your workplace and yourself. If you don’t have at least one good friend who you can talk to at your job, see about putting some energy into this effort.
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