Bring Your Best (at least for what you have that day!)

Springtime means that I get to head back out to the golf course to enjoy the beauty of nature, hang out with some buddies, and play the best round of my life.

There is a part of me that knows, however, that those dreams of a record round will be quickly dashed.

On any given day, one part of my game may be good (like my putting) while another part may be poor (like my driving). Creating a mindset that allows me to maximize what is working best while minimizing what is working least is a good way to not get down on myself when my game is just meh.

It’s like that in our lives as well. There are some days we have more focus and other days when we have more energy. Maybe you are able to express yourself better one day orally and the next day, you nail it in an email or in a report.

Beinging our best is a joyful but infrequent experience but bringing the best we have available on any one day is a gift to ourselves and others.


The Leadership Café 

Corinne Ogrodnik is the cofounder of Maitri Medicinals. A cannabis dispensary that views Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program as an opportunity to help patients suffering from serious medical conditions and to support intervention efforts to address the region’s opioid crisis.

In this episode, Corinne describe how, over the past five years, she has led Maitri through its founding and start-up phases. The process has led to Maitri securing two permits to operate in the highly competitive Pennsylvania medical marijuana industry and establishing the Company’s grower/processor facility and three dispensary operations.

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