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As most of you know, I am currently writing a manuscript for BEP Press on resilience in the workplace. I wanted to update you on its progress and how I am maintaining my own resilience through the process.

I’m halfway through my 6-month contract period for writing The Resilience Advantage and more than 65% done in writing the book. I am looking to finish all the writing by September 15 giving me 6-weeks or so for reviews, graphics and whatever else needs to be completed before the manuscript goes off to the publisher.

I’ve had to develop some new habits to keep the focus and energy in place. These actions have included:

  • Mapping out my schedule and having friends ask me how I am doing with my timeframes helping to hold me accountable.
  • Have a regular time to write which is usually in the early morning as my creative juices dry up later in the day.
  • Taking a morning walk to help collect my thoughts as I discussed last week regarding 30-day sprints.
  • Just writing without self-critiquing every word or sentence. Keeping the mantra of “success not perfection” in front of me.

So far, so good. Still looking for your ideas and thoughts on how you maintain your resilience.

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3 thoughts on “Book Update

  1. Richard-
    I find your weekly Wednesday postings to be on-point and refreshing. Thank you. I have found that dedicated “buffer days” on Mondays and Thursdays have allowed my “focus days” to be more effective. Giving myself permission to tend to cleaning up messes and issues has been restorative in a unique way. Keep it up. You’ll meet you goals as your plan won’t allow you to end up anywhere else!

  2. I’m engrossed in a book named Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change by Timothy Wilson. This book describes a scientifically based approach called story editing. This is a powerful and manageable approach to interpreting the difficult things that happen to us; i.e., resilience.

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